Nichole Kanios Papageorgiou

Attorney Nichole Kanios PapageorgiouI have known for some time that the lifeblood of the law is the human experience. When a person’s freedom or family is at stake, the pressure can mount. I’ve always handled pressure well, but after graduating from Notre Dame Law School and going straight to work as a prosecutor in one of the busiest juvenile courts in Ohio, I had no choice but to make measured decisions under tough circumstances. It was a real-life daily drama with a non-stop docket. I advised and worked alongside police and represented the State of Ohio in court while balancing the interests of young people and victims. They and their families were often in crisis. I went to work every morning knowing that I’d be making judgment calls that would affect actual people, sometimes in lasting ways. I took this seriously and was conscientious of the power that the justice system had entrusted in me. I was careful not to abuse that power. I had to make sure the community was safe while treating people fairly and equally. This intense early professional experience informs how I advise clients in private practice. I still work hard, treat people with respect, and consider all sides of an issue. The bonus is now I give advice to clients. I have a personal passion for justice that is motivated by protecting my clients’ legal rights and helping them understand how our legal system is structured (and why).

Helping people in their time of need by rolling up my sleeves and ledning my perspective is a huge part of my life, but I have a full life outside of work too. While a college student at Miami of Ohio, I studied abroad in Luxembourg, a country so small that I accidentally walked to France her first week there.That experience fostered my love of travel and I’ve been to 13 countries and counting. Being a Notre Dame fan has obviously influenced my appreciation for football, but hockey is where my heart is. I grew up spending Saturday nights watching the Red Wings at home, or sometimes even at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, back when they had the best power play percentage in the league. It has been a while since the Red Wings have had those numbers, but you’ll still find me holding out hope at the start of every hockey season.